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Keep moving, keep safe, all year round

The weather can be unpredictable, make sure you’re prepared, whatever the elements throw at you

As autumn turns to winter and temperatures drop, those track day specials, weekend toys and ‘fun cars’ start to find themselves wrapped up warm in the garage. And there they’ll stay, waiting for the first shoots of spring, for salt to be banished from our roads, and for hopes of bluer skies and drier conditions. But we’ll still be driving through these cold, grey and icy months, and we need our daily drivers to keep us feeling safe and confident, whatever the weather. 

Unlike many European countries, drivers in the UK aren’t expected to fit winter tyres to their cars during the colder months. This is mostly due to the relatively mild winters that we experience, with snow being a rarity for much of the country. As such, the vast majority of cars in the UK drive on summer tyres all year round, which isn’t the best idea for myriad reasons. 

It’s not just snow that leaves summer tyres out of their depth, it’s also temperature. The compounds used for summer tyres aren’t designed to operate optimally at low temperatures, meaning that when the mercury drops below 7-degrees, you’re not going to get the levels of grip and control you’d like. Throw wet or icy roads into that equation, and any car on summer tyres - especially one with a lot of power - may well struggle for grip and traction. Even an SUV with permanent four-wheel-drive can find things challenging in cold and icy conditions without the right rubber. 

If you really want to feel confident and safe through winter you should consider investing in a set of winter tyres. While it may seem like an expensive indulgence to buy two different sets of tyres for the same car, the reality is far from indulgent. What price can you put on safety - your safety, and the safety of your family? Investing in winter tyres is an investment in safety. Of course, you’ll also be going twice as long before having to replace either set, because you’ll only be running each for half the year, meaning that investment in safety isn’t actually costing you a thing.

While safety should always be a primary concern, winter tyres will also ensure you get the best performance and handling from your car through the cold winter months, with higher levels of grip and better braking ability in cold, wet and icy conditions. And when the snow piles up and the grit trucks are nowhere to be found, winter tyres will keep you mobile. 

Whatever you’re driving through the dark, cold and wet months, Pirelli has a winter tyre that will ensure you get the very best out of your car, no matter how bad the conditions get. The Pirelli P Zero Winter is developed in collaboration with automotive manufacturers to ensure a perfect fit for each vehicle, and deliver the best possible performance through the winter months. Pirelli P Zero summer tyres have long been the rubber of choice for many performance car drivers, and the P Zero Winter provides that same level of confidence and ability when the temperature drops and the conditions become more challenging.

The Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 is designed specifically for high-end, premium vehicles, delivering high levels of control and performance in all winter conditions, ensuring confidence and safety at all times. With run flat and seal inside technology, you don’t have to worry about punctures on those cold winter nights, either. 

The Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyre provides supreme confidence for SUV drivers when tackling cold, wet and icy conditions, while also delivering impressive traction, handling and braking in the snow. With Scorpion Winter tyres on your SUV it really will be an all terrain vehicle, all year round. 

Any car enthusiast understands the importance of confidence behind the wheel, and how big a part tyres play in that confidence, whether that be on a warm weekend drive out, or an ice cold commute in the dead of winter. Pirelli has the right tyres to ensure that your car keeps you feeling confident and safe all year round. 

Discover more about Pirelli’s all season and winter tyres at 

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