evo Car of the Year 2021 – coming soon!

It’s that time of year, as the biggest test on the motoring calendar is back in our upcoming issue

The 2021 evo Car of the Year test is nearly ready to launch. This year, our annual celebration of the year’s greatest performance cars is more spectacular than ever.

This year, eight cars, seven judges and a whole team of photographers and videographers headed north to some of the best driving roads of the British Isles to crown a winner in what has been an intensely fought year in the performance car sphere. 

The contenders this year ranged from completely reborn icons from Porsche and BMW, to Lamborghini’s ultimate Huracán, Ferrari’s next-generation hybrid supercar, Aston Martin’s retributional sports car and two hot hatchbacks from opposite ends of the spectrum that deliver brilliance in very different ways. 

This year our Car of the Year issue will be bigger than ever, with subscribers given an extra 32-page supplement with more of our judges' ruminations, behind the scenes content and a look into the production of this year’s evo Car of the Year video which will premier in late December. The countdown is on.

32-page subscriber-only exclusive eCoty supplement

  • Behind the scenes: we take you behind the scenes of eCoty week. How it all comes together, the grand plan and how it’s executed.
  • Directors cut: over the course of eCoty our photographers capture some of the greatest automotive images in the world, in this subscriber-exclusive, they will select their favourite images that didn’t make the final edit in the feature.
  • The cars that didn’t make it: someone has to miss out and each year some very good cars don’t make the eCoty cut. Here we’ll explain which cars very nearly made it but why they ultimately missed out, and maybe select a few that were never in with a chance!
  • Where are they now: we’ll take a look back at 2011 and 2001 evo Car of the Year, and see if we made the right choice and what those cars have gone on to achieve since their staring role in eCoty.

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