888bhp G-Power BMW M8 Competition hits 211mph

German tuner G-Power has worked its magic on the BMW M8, turning performance up a notch in the process… 

More power isn’t high on the list of changes we’d make to BMW’s M8 Competition, but following the launch of its tuning packages for the F90 M5, G-Power has added just that. There are four levels of performance upgrades available from the German tuner, with the best costing from €8925 (£7555).

From a 651bhp M2 CS to a near-800bhp GT63, we’ve seen plenty of high power German machines roll out of G-Power’s doors, and the M8 is the latest to receive the tuner’s touch. After over a year of development the firm has managed to extract up to 888bhp from its 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged S63 V8, enough to send it to a staggering 211mph top speed.

> G-Power’s BMW M2 CS has more power than a Porsche 911 Turbo S

Applying knowledge acquired from the development of parts for the F90 M5, a model equipped with the same powertrain, the G-Power M8 can now be had in the same Hurricane RR and RS states of tune. The latter combines upgraded turbochargers and a less restrictive exhaust system with an ECU tune for an output of 829bhp and a monumental 774lb ft of torque – that’s an increase of 212bhp and 221lb ft over standard.

Topping the range is the G8M Hurricane RR, receiving the GP-900 performance upgrade for an output of 888bhp and the same 774lb ft of torque – torque is limited in an attempt to preserve at least some of the drivetrain components over the long term. Alongside the same upgrades applied in the lesser package, forged pistons, upgraded connecting rods, uprated cooling and a number of reinforced drivetrain components are also fitted. Top speed remains at 211mph due to tyre limitations.

No acceleration figures for either upgrade have been provided, but thanks to a standard xDrive all-wheel drive system and its eight-speed automatic transmission, the car will cover the standard sprint in just 3.2sec from the factory. With an additional 271bhp at its disposal in Hurricane RR-form, we’d imagine this figure might see some improvement.

Aside from performance upgrades, G-Power will also fit one of two sets of forged wheels, both 21-inches in diameter and able to accept 285-section front and 295-section rear tyres. Coilover suspension can help lift these into the arches too, while allowing the driver to alter rebound and compression to suit the conditions.

Other optional extras include a €6000 (£5000) carbonfibre bonnet, said to both reduce weight and improve heat management. A fixed GP-Dynamic rear wing can also be equipped to increase downforce, and Hurricane RR customers will be treated to a reupholstered cabin free of charge – this is also available as an option on the RS.

Pricing begins at €2495 (£2100) for the entry-level GP-720 upgrade, climbing to €8925 (£7555) for the range-topping GP-900.

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